Year Review and Resolutions 2011

Happy New Years, everyone!

Tonight, Mitch and I are going to stay in and be lazy. We’re going to watch “When Harry Met Sally” and eat cake.

I had a really amazing year and I’m really proud of what I did and really grateful for the great things that happened and the friendships and family that I have. I did have a few really hard times and some points where I overcommitted and became overwhelmed, but I got through it with the help of my loved ones.

Going to China was pretty amazing, I’m really glad I was able to go. There was so much to see in Beijing, alone! I love going to different countries that are really different than my own, and China definitely fit the bill. Some of the costuming related events that I went to this year were really amazing…! Looking back at the photos now, I’m so grateful that we did all we did this year!

I’m really proud of the work I did on Futurama. I feel like my storyboarding skills got stronger this year and the scripts we were given allowed me to do a lot of fun animation sequences, too. Work was harder this year than it’s been for a while, but at least I was proud of what we did. I did a couple art shows this year and did a large full-color sketchbook! (I still have a few left if you want one!) I also did a marker tutorial!

I learned a lot more about gardening this year… and I’m REALLY excited to see what my plants, especially the roses, will do next year. They’re starting to get big!

Last year my goals were to redesign my website, get better at storyboarding, do some epic photoshoots and get in better shape. I did pretty well at all of those, though I wish I’d made more progress in getting in better shape.

Next Year:
~~ do a little more personal artwork.
~~ do a few more art shows or anthology books.
~~ create some custom fabrics.
~~ learn how to use SEOs on my website, set up more print sales online and setup my Amazon referral links.
~~ get my sewing dummy padded out to my shape
~~ get my grommet press functional
~~ keep getting in better shape. I made some progress this year. Next year, MORE! It’s important to take care of myself even if I’m busy.
~~ keep improving my art. I’d like to get better at composition and sequential storytelling in particular.
~~ make a few costumes on my dream list. (Top of my list is Belle’s yellow ball gown from Beauty and the Beast). I want to get some epic photoshoots (again! yay!)
~~ Perhaps contrary to much of the above,… I’d like to try not to agree to quite so many things. Try to keep things a little less busy and manage my time better.

Below I gathered some photos from through the year that reminds me of what happened.

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Dearest Aimee,
You as the “Doctor Who” character with the blonde curly hair and pew pew laser is just straight up hotness.
That is all.


Thanks, Jack! 🙂

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