Pink Saree Regency Open Robe

I absolutely loved my friend Vanessa and Bunny‘s Regency open robes and wanted to make a Regency Open Robe of my own! I really needed something to wear 7 months pregnant (with twins no less) to the Costume College 2012 Gala. Regency was just about the only option and a fancy saree open robe like this with a crown would give me the sparkle I wanted for the Gala.

I love Indian saree fabrics and was able to find a beautiful transparent light pink one with gold beading on it on ebay. It was exactly what I wanted. The saree features jars and sanscrit figures on it. Though when turned horizontally on the gown, some of the jars look like goldfish, which is pretty cute!

I used the muslin for my white striped voile gown as a start for the muslin for the open robe bodice. I moved the seams a little in the back to get a more V shaped pattern and changed the front into a fitted vest type shape. I ended up cutting some extra bits of the hem trim off the saree and overlaying it on some parts of the bodice to get a more fully beaded look, and then cutting out the underlay. I also tried very carefully to match the patterns over the seams. After that I added a gold trim around the hems and seams. The front has thread buttonholes to work as grommets for the ribbon lacing.

The skirt of the open robe was just the entire width of the saree cut and pleated into the empire waist of the open robe bodice. Of course I used the fanciest part of the saree for the skirt/train. The whole robe (bodice and skirt) was lined in poly orchid pink taffeta.

I wore it over my white striped voile gown and Bagatelle bodiced petticoat, my gold and pearl crown from ebay and a gold Indian jewelry wedding set from ebay and some pink beaded Indian slippers. I curled some of the front of my hair and pinned it up a bit and then the whole back of my hair is up in a high ponytail and covered by a curly ringlet extension (inside the crown and spilling over).

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Regency Voile Gown - White Striped