Aragorn Costume From Lord of the Rings

Started 2003

Appearances: Baycon 2003

Awards: Best in Show for the One Ring Circus Group, Baycon 2003

STATUS: Retired

I’ve also made Arwen’s blue costume from Lord of the Rings and Aragorn’s Strider Costume.

Reference Photo: Aragorn Costume From Lord of the Rings

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Unfortunately this Aragorn Costume From Lord of the Rings was a bit of a rush job! I had finished my Arwen costume (mostly) far ahead of time, and then realized I might have enough time to do Aragorn for my husband! Probably the fastest I’ve ever done a costume. It turned out not bad considering I did almost everything in about a week and a half maybe.

So the shirt, due to me making a few mistakes in the muslin, is too tight! So Mitch ended up being muscle-man-Aragorn! (Which I guess isn’t such a horrible thing.)

The jerkin has the edges bound with strips of itself and then laced up with leather laces along the side and back. (and front closures) It was then “distressed and dirtied” using white and black fabric paint. So Aragorn can look really dirty, and not actually get dirt on anything! 🙂

The pants were just you know, well pants… and we borrowed the boots from my friend Derek. The belt is a 58 inch belt from a Big and Tall Men’s store that was also “distressed”.

The bracers were the fun part… there’s a quilted underlayer that has grommits on it to lace it up. (for some reason I love grommits so…) and the outer leather layer is actually two layers of leathery stuff. One painted black, and the outer one with the silver tree of gondor painted on and buckled straps reveted on. The leaf pattern above that was painstakingly carved out with an exacto-knife on my lunch breaks. *_* Eventually I want to remake the gauntlets with actual leather tooling and all, but for making pretty neat gauntlets in 2 days, this worked great!

The sword was bought on ebay for about $60.



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