DEBUT: Costume College 2014

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale and I’ve loved for a long time the 1946 French film by Jean Cocteau, La Belle et la Bete. When the remastered disc came out we could finally see of those beautiful details in the costumes and my friend Alyxx said she wanted to do the Beast. I immediately wanted to do Belle and we were able to mostly complete them for the Costume College Gala ball.

I liked both Belle’s silver gown when she takes a walk with the Beast as well as her last gown when she returns to her family with a crown on. My gown is based off her silver “walk” gown but I wanted to wear her crown from the end. I was able to find a beautiful luminous horizontally textured striped upholstery fabric in the fabric district after multiple trips searching for something suitable.

My dress is based on Truly Victorian’s 1884 French Vest Bodice pattern (with modifications to the waistline and neckline.) It’s flatlined in twill and lined in taffeta. The jewelry was made from splitting apart a rose rhinestone pin found on ebay and adding the pearl chains. It’s worn over my trusty Laughing Moon Victorian corset. The sleeves were drafted by Alyxx loosely based off a Tudor sleeve. The pleats in the skirt are roll-pleats thanks to Alyxx’s instruction. It is partially flatlined in crinoline. The skirt is basically a large rectangle with a train in the back.  My shoes are silver slippers with rhinestone decoration added.  The crown I made from scratch with wires and beads. The wig is an Arda lace-front Arwen wig in  Dark Ash Blonde (029) with two long weft packs to do the large braid in the back.


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