Disco Doctor

from Doctor Who (?)

Debuted: Gallifrey One To Life 2009

Awards: (for the entire skit/set) 2nd Place at Gallifrey 09

Video of our Gallifrey One skit here

Video of the Dancing Tardis spinning around here.

So, I love the ridiculous, I love sparkly musical costumes and I love Doctor Who. This idea started out as me saying “hey wouldn’t it be funny if you did a song and dance number with Doctor Who… with lots of rhinestones?” I joked about it for months, and then I realized that one of my coworkers was a former ballroom dancer. The only way I could convince him to be part of the skit idea (and also to teach us “moves”) would be if no one had to see his face on stage. Ha ha… So my friend Crisso and I had the sudden idea of a Dancing Tardis. Crisso drew it on a postit and showed it to Derek, and after much bouncing pleading on our parts, he agreed. I put Crisso in my “Idiot’s Lantern” Rose costume, I covered a bought navy suit in sequins for myself, I changed my husband’s Cap’n Jack shirt for one covered in confetti-dot (and got him sparkly suspenders) and my friend Judy covered some fabric with thousands of sequins and made a Disco Pompeei Donna. We convinced Mi to join us as a sequin-jacketed Master and Derek and Crisso made the Dancing Tardis (complete with sequin details…) and I contributed some Michael Jackson sequined gloves to the cause.

All around, this just became a really fun thing for us to work on. Getting together to practice Temptations-style moves in Crisso’s backyard was really amusing.

The end results were very silly, which was entirely satisfying. I don’t look a thing like “the Doctor”, but wearing an entirely sequin-covered suit was Mah-vel-ous.

Perhaps the best part, though, were people’s reactions to the Dancing Tardis randomly spinning about.

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