Easterling Costume from Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers

Started 2004

Appearances: Comic-Con 2004

Awards: “Best Recreation” Comic-Con 2004

Much more info here on the Easterling Costume set as well as work-in-progress photos on the HCC official website!

Easterling Costume Army, otherwise known as the eyeliner army! The Easterlings briefly showed up in The Two Towers during the segment where Frodo and Sam are falling down the hill towards the black gates. The army marching and almost noticing Frodo, are the Easterlings.

The Mighty Judy and AJ conceived these costumes, both the idea to do them and the techniques nessesary to carry them out as well as a good brunt of the work! They were done with resin casting and vaccuumforming as well as a few other things that AJ and Judy learned specifically to do this project. Our group included AJ, Judy, Cheryll, Annie and I and well all helped out with making peices, riveting and painting and sewing. 🙂 There are over 500 peices or so total in our 5 costumes. Even with 5 of us, it took forever to do all the work.  Richard Taylor himself was very impressed with the costumes! Wow!

Most people thought we were men, much to our amusement. When we took off our helmets everyone was shocked! We had a blast. 🙂
Our skit at Comic-con was inspired by STOMP and we danced around a circle doing rhythm movements with our weapons.

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