Disney’s Tangled Flynn Rider Costume

Flynn Rider CostumeDisney’s Flynn Rider Costume from Tangled.

Debut: Disneyland’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween 2011

My husband and I both really liked Disney’s Tangled movie and so I decided to make us both costumes from it. You can find my Rapunzel Costume here.

Flynn Rider Costume

The Flynn Rider costume jerkin was made from real leather that I got from Sav-Mor. The leather was already the perfect Flynn Rider teal! Sav-Mor was very helpful, too. I’d never worked in leather before and while this was relatively thin leather, it was pretty hard to work with! I think the final result looked pretty good, but esh, it was a pain. I drafted the pattern for the jerkin in muslin and then made it out of leather with some padding inbetween the lining and the outer leather and added rivets and topstitching.

The belts are items we had sitting around and the belt-pack is from Mitch’s 300 costume. The boots were bought pirate boots.  The satchel was bought and modded.  The shirt was bought from Gentlemen’s Emporium. The pants are made from linen that I thought looked a lot like the weave shown in closeups in the movie. I used an old pair of my husband’s slacks for the base pattern and modified them a bit accordingly.

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