Malcolm Reynolds and Inara Serra From Firefly CostumesMalcolm Reynolds and Inara Serra From Firefly Costumes

Debut: San Diego Comic Con 2011

This is my Inara Serra costume and my husband’s Malcolm Reynolds costume from Firefly. Firefly is one of my alltime favorite series!

I’ve also done a Kaylee costume. I think I’m more like Kaylee and probably look more like her, but I’ve been getting into learning more about Indian culture lately and Inara wears some Indian inspired pieces. So I got a saree to mimic her red one in the episode Shindig and added some rhinestones to it to look more like her’s.  The necklace is from Design Toscano and the bracelets are from Little India in Artesia.

Mitch’s Malcolm Reynolds costume is a bought shirt and frontier pants that I added brown grosgrain ribbon to with Liquid Stitch. His braces are Israeli Defense Webbing combined with a standard pair of khaki braces. Israeli Defense Webbing according to various sources online is what they actually used in the show. They’re hard to find but you can find them in surplus stores or on ebay occasionally. The holster is my steampunk/River Song holster.  The gun (Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B) is from a resin kit we bought online and I painted. Though ThinkGeek now has a nice version, too.


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