Madame de Pompadour Doctor Who CostumeMadame de Pompadour

from Doctor Who – The Girl in the Fireplace

Debuted: Gallifrey 2010

I was really happy to finally do Madame de Pompadour Doctor Who costume as Girl in the Fireplace was my very first episode of Doctor Who (and the one that got me hooked.) I don’t think I really look that much like her, but I loved this gown and episode, and I’m getting more interested in historical costuming lately.
My  Madame de Pompadour Doctor Who Costume was made from the J.P. Ryan Robe à la Française , stays and pockethoops patterns with some minor modifications.  I made it as historical as I could while still matching the tv show gown. A Robe à la Française actually is not nearly as hard to make as it appears. A good part of it is a big square of fabric pleated into the back. J.P.Ryan’s patterns are relatively easy to follow, too.

You can see the lace and fabric here.  Here is a picture of my stays and pockethoops. I did the stays (the corset) first and then the pockethoops. After this I pretty much followed the pattern instructions for the gown. There is a closeup of the stomacher minus the bows here. I made the stomacher by putting a layer of lace from the sleeve on top of the dress body fabric, otherwise following the pattern instructions. On top of this I layered a thin lace around the edge of the stomacher.  The stomacher bows were made with the dress body fabric layered with ribbons. I bought the fabric a long time ago and I don’t know where anymore. (I found it by searching online for blue and gold damask, I think.)
My “real” job was kicking my butt prior to the con, and I got sick, actually.  So I had to cut a few corners with the last few finishing steps of the gown… like, my wig and choker aren’t as accurate as I’d like. But hey, I had clothes!

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