Peasant Belle Costume

Peasant Belle Costume – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Debuted: Disney Halloween 2007

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was the reason that I wanted to be an animator. I loved Belle, so you’d think I would have made her costume before now, but for some reason, I never had. I’m glad that I didn’t make a Peasant Belle Costume until now though, because I’m really happy with how it turned out. (It wouldn’t have turned out so nice if I’d done it a few years ago.)

So this costume is very special to me. My husband volunteered to be Gaston, too. We had a great time at Disney’s Halloween. It was fabulous.

This Peasant Belle Costume is partially inspired by the Broadway musical version of Belle. I saw that musical with my dad when I was in highschool and I really liked how they did the embellishments.

With this one, there is a dotted light cotton for the blouse. My Peasant Belle costume bodice was based on McCalls 4107. The bodice laces in the front and the back and is made of a slightly shiny fabric with tone-on-tone roses on it. Ribboned lace is added to the bodice. The apron is a slightly transparent striped fabric which I embroidered with some blue flowers. The lace at the bottom of the sleeve of the blouse, as well as the bottom of the skirt is little rose lace that I got from Okadaya in Japan. I’d been saving it for a while and I figured this was the perfect costume to use it on.The wig is Newlook June 802!

The Gaston costume was done a bit inspired by the musical version, too. I used a pleather that had a stitching/patched detail to it for the red part. We borrowed a big detailed belt from our friend Derek and I added pleather boot-toppers to some boots I had. The boot-toppers were basically just a tube of pleather tucked into the top of the boot. We got a (bad) Elvis-like wig for his hair and called it a day. I’d like to redo his costume at some point, but it was great for what we wanted!

I especially enjoyed wearing this costume in the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve fields for photos!


Peasant Belle Costume Peasant Belle Costume

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