River Song – Day of the Moon

Debut: San Diego Comic Con 2011

AWARDS: BBC America’s Best River Song Cosplay contest (58,000 voted!)

This is my River Song from Doctor Who Series 6 (Day of the Moon and other episodes) This is actually my second River Song outfit (here’s the first one). Both are basically bought-outfit cosplays.

The Zeeda dress and Anina belt are the same she wears in the show, by AllSaints. I sadly couldn’t afford to get the Crillio AllSaints boots she also wears with the outfit. The belt is actually the same one she wears in The Pandorica Opens / Big Bang outfit (the other cosplay I did).  And the gun is the same as the one I modded for my previous outfit, too. The holster is my steampunk holster (again, the same one I used previously).

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