Rose Tyler The Impossible Planet Doctor Who Costume

Rose Tyler The Impossible Planet Doctor Who Costume

Debuted: San Diego Comic-Con 2008

I adore the new seasons of Doctor Who. The character of Rose Tyler in the show wears a lot of trendy UK brands like TopShop and PunkyFish. I like the style anyway and found a PunkyFish shirt that was really similar to the one she wears in “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit” episodes (also two of my favorite episodes!) The Diesel belt is actually what she wears in the episode but the jeans and Frye boots are just look alikes.

You can see the “TARDIS key” in a couple of the shots, too.

SIDENOTE: If anyone ever sees the actual pink Diesel jacket in a M or larger (preferably larger), it’s one of my dream geek items, I’d be very interested.

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