Sleeping Beauty Costume

Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty Costume

Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty Costume

Debuted: Dragoncon 2009

I love Disney fairytale movies, but for some reason haven’t made many costumes from them. It was the best to cosplay with Cheryll, AJ and Judy as the Good Fairies. I also made my husband a Prince Philip Costume. You also might enjoy reading about my Peasant Belle costume, my Belle ballgown, and my Rapunzel costume.

Every year around Halloween I drool over the little girls’ princess costumes in the Disney Store… this year, I made my own. (translation: this dress has 3 1/2 gross of rhinestones on it, and lots of glitter.)

I drafted the bodice out of a similar fitted formal gown bodice with dropped sleeves. I added the three front bodice seams and then redrafted the muslin. When I put the bodice together, I used flat piping in the seams to help them stand out. On either side I added appliqués. The white off-the-shoulder collar was made with a white tone-on-tone brocade. I used sparkly glitter fabric from Joann’s for the sleeves and various parts of the skirt. The triangle shaped overlay on the skirt is actually attached to the bodice and heavily interfaced. The skirt has a transparent sparkle glitter overlay. I pleated the fabric at the front of the skirt to mimic the way it looks in the drawings.  The crown and necklace were made out of craft foam embellished with hot glue designs and gold paint. I wear my Laughing Moon Victorian corset underneath the whole thing and a petticoat.

Besides Dragoncon, we also visited the Atlanta Aquarium. <3 The next year I wore it for Disney Halloween.

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