The 10th Doctor CostumeThe 10th Doctor Costume

From Doctor Who

Both me and my husband love Doctor Who, especially the 10th Doctor! My husband wears suits to work and it seemed a good fit to have him do the 10th Doctor costume (which is also a suit of course).

We started out with a basic men’s suit from downtown LA garment district which had white stripes, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with it.

This upgraded version which we settled on is a Tenth Doctor suit made by Baron’s Boutique (with fabric by primrodo with help from Steve Ricks). The suit was beautifully done and we were really happy with it!  His tie by Magnoli Clothiers and it’s fabulous, too. His coat by honestdragonchina on ebay.  The coat isn’t fully accurate, but for the price we were quite happy with it. The shoes are of course, off-white Converse with red stripe around the sole.  The shirt was a blue business one that my husband already had that fit the bill.

I got sideburns on wiglace from a local Hollywood wig store and trimmed them down a bit to suit the 10th Doctor costume and we applied them using spirit gum. We then just styled my husband’s normal hair to be a bit more spiky like the 10th Doctor.

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We had a lot of fun taking photos together at Vasquez Rocks with my friend Annie.

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