Gallifrey 2009 – 2nd place – Doctor Whosical (I’m the Doctor with my husband and friends, Judy, Crystal, Derek and Miriam.)

Comic-Con 2007 – BEST IN SHOW – I am Amaterasu (in white with the fan) with my HCC girls.

WORLDCON 2006 – TRINITY BLOOD – BEST IN SHOW – I was Esther (the nun) with HCC.

WORLDCON 2006 – TRINITY BLOOD – BEST IN SHOW – different video (with different angles).

FANIME 2006 – ROSE OF VERSAILLES OSCAR and ANDRE – Best in Show! – Another costume and skit that was hugely important to me. AJ and I did this together. I was Andre (in dark blue).

COMICCON 2005- Most Beautiful & Anime Pavillion Award – ROSE OF VERSAILLES – different skit with the same costumes. I’m Marie Antionette (dark blue dress)

FANIME 2005 – HCC ROSE OF VERSAILLES-Technical Achievement Award— I’m Marie Antionette (dark blue dress). I did it with Judy, AJ, Char and Cheryll. This costume and skit(s) are a really special memory for me.

ANIME EXPO 2003 – WISH – I got to know A.J. and Judy better through these costumes. Regretably I had a heat gun accident which caused my wings to break (and simplify our skit).

AX 2002 – walkon with Sionna and co… this time me as FFX Shiva (in blue)

FANIME 2002 – My second masq! with Sionna and company! FFX Yuna was me (blue skirt)

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[…] their costumes up close from backstage – they were incredible! The nun was cosplayed by Aimee Major who has her own website dedicated to her various costuming and animation […]

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