Summoner Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Started 2002

Appearances: Fanime 2002, A-Kon 2002

ON YOUTUBE: Fanime 2002 skit

STATUS: Retired

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Ever since I first saw the character designs for FFX, I LOVED them. But Yuna was my favorite due the colors and slightly japanese influence to her design. As I started playing the game I decided to make the costume, despite the fact that tons of people have already been Yuna! DOH!

The skirt was made from a much shorter skirt pattern… length added on. Despite the fact that you can’t see the waist band at all, it actually has a very nice finished waistband. 🙂 no one knows this but me! *L* The skirt is painted with Jaquard fabric paints, which worked very well, but becuase of the texture of the fabric, was extremely time consuming. After studying the designs, I decided to make the pattern match up both when the pleats were open AND when they were closed. I think this looked really nice when I was done with it.

The Obi is actually my second attempt… the first being a disaster… anyway, its lined with various ghetto materials that I will not discuss to make it thick and stand out. 🙂 It’s also painted with Jaquard paints… all the patterns are pretty accurate to the Yuna figure, but I added a bit more color difference cuase I thought it was fun. some of the extra embellishments are done with puffpaint and fabric markers. I may want to redo this with other techniques later as I really like this costume and think it still needs some work. The pink flower is super sculpey, as are some of the beads on the costume .

The sleeves are dyed with Rit Dye. I got my hair cut to match Yuna’s though my hair seldom stays in the right style… 🙂

The staff, which you can only see in a few photos due to Fanime weapons policies… is a dowel hand wrapped (and glued) with fabric strips. that was a PAIN! the separators are gold Foil. I think next time I will sculpt them. The ball at the end was purchased from a craft store, canabalized (it originally had wire all over it) and then painted to look like Yuna’s staff. Unfortunately a few weeks after my cat’s attacked it… and so, it’s dead now. 🙁

That’s about it!


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