Aimee Major Steinberger

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I work as an Assistant Director, Storyboard Artist, Animation Timer and 2d Animator. I have a BFA in Character Animation from California Institute of the Arts.


Storyboard Artist for Warner Bros on Little Ellen


Storyboard Artist for Warner Bros on Little Ellen

Storyboard Artist for Cartoon Network on Apple and Onion


Storyboard Artist for Cartoon Network on Apple and Onion


Storyboard Artist for Rough Draft Studios on Disenchantment

Storyboard Artist for Disney TV Phineas and Ferb movie


Storyboard Artist for Rough Draft Studios on Disenchantment


Storyboards for Rough Draft Studios on “Tarantula”
Storyboards for Rough Draft Studios on Disney’s “Descendants: Wicked World” Season 2, episodes “Slumber Party” and “Chemical Reaction” and more.
Storyboards for Rough Draft Studios on “Clash-A-Rama! The Series”
Storyboards for Stoopid Buddy on “Camp WWE”.


Storyboard Revisions for Dreamworks Animation on “The Croods”


Storyboard Artist for Rough Draft Studios on “Puppy Papers” pilot for Disney TV.
Storyboard Artist and Character Designer at Rough Draft Studios for “Gregory” project.


Assistant Director for Rough Draft Studios on “Futurama” episodes: “Fun on a Bun” , “Forty Percent Leadbelly”, “Calculon 2.0”


Assistant Director for Rough Draft Studios on “Napoleon Dynamite” episode “FFA”
Assistant Director 
for Rough Draft Studios on “Futurama” episodes: “All the Presidents’ Heads” , “Law and Oracle” and “The Bots and the Bees”,


Assistant Director for Rough Draft Studios on“Futurama”  episodes: “Attack of the Killer App” , “The Prisoner of Benda”.


Assistant Director for Rough Draft Studios on“Futurama”
Assistant Director 
for Rough Draft Studios
 on “Sit Down and Shut up” episodes: “high school musical musical” and “Back in Time”
Japan Ai made the annual “Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens” from the American Library Association


Assistant Director for Rough Draft Studios on “The Pits
Assistant Director 
for Rough Draft Studios on “Sit Down and Shut up”

Animator for Rough Draft Studios on “Pink Panther 2” (These are the scenes I did)


Character Animation for Disney’s Three Caballeros, Epcot’s Gran Fiesta Tour
Character Layout for Rough Draft Studios on Futurama Movies
Artist/Author of Japan Ai: A Tall Girl’s Adventures in Japan (comic-style book)

Character Concepts 
for Disney Interactive


Character Layout for Rough Draft Studios on Futurama Movies; “Bender’s Big Score”, “The Beast with a Billion Backs”, “Bender’s Game ” and “Into the Wild Green Yonder”
Storyboard Revisions for
 Rough Draft Studios
Timing for Rough Draft Studios
Character Animation 
for Eric Goldberg’s short film, “A Monkey’s Tale”
Storyboard Revisions 
for “Phineas and Ferb” pilot for Disney TV Animation
Character Layout 
for “The Simpsons”, Film Roman


Character Layout for”The Simpsons”, Film Roman, episodes: “My Fair Laddy”, “The Last of the Red Hat Mamas” and others.


Character Layout for”The Simpsons”, Film Roman episodes: “On a Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister” (nominated for the Best Television Episodic Comedy Environmental Media Award.) and others.
Rough Inbetweening and Cleanup 
for Disney’s Aladdin DVD
Storyboards and Storyboard Revisions
 for “Coqui Loco” Disney TV Animation (TV Show Pilot)

Character Layout & Full Post Production for Regency Television “The Magnificent Mickelsons” (TV Show Pilot)
Character Layout for Touchstone, Katz/Snyder, “Untitled Animated Project” (TV Show Pilot)


Animator and Rough Inbetweener on Warner Bros Animation “Back in Action” Looney Tunes Movie
Storyboards and Animation on Warner Bros Animation Theatrical Looney Tunes Shorts
Animation on Leprechan 6 Movie title credits.


Animator on Warner Bros Animation Theatrical Looney Tunes Shorts
Character Layout on Futurama – Rough Draft Studios


Producers Show Participant, Calarts Character Animation, chosen for My Own Magic
Creator and AnimatorMy Own Magic
Character Layout on Futurama – Rough Draft Studios
Character Designer for Wondershow (Wish Studios)

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