Game of Thrones Unicorn Gown

Debut: GBACG Game of Thrones event at Castello di Amarosa March 2015

I wanted another Game of Thrones costume and really liked some of Sansa’s gowns. I decided to do a dress inspired by hers but do my own crest on it with unicorns for fun.

I drew the unicorn designs and my friend AJ digitized it for me and then I machine embroidered it and then hand added beads, jump rings and ribbon embroidery. The unicorn embroideries are on the shoulders and the back.

The hair is mostly extensions styled to match my natural hair. I used Katherine’s Game of Thrones hair tutorial to help me make the rolled middle extension.

The dress was made using Simplicity 1487, but I modified the neckline and added a purple pleated dickie. The necklace was a gift from FireflyPath and the hair ornament was a gift from AJ.

Hot Pink Regency Gown