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- | Happy New Year Giveaway!

Happy New Year Giveaway!

We’re almost on the New Year and I want to do a giveaway! I’ll do another one after the Holidays, but here’s a quick one to get you a new calendar roughly in time for the new year and one of my books! (NOTE, you must do this before the end of the week! See below!)

1. Futurama 2012 Calendar
2. My 2011 Bamboo Limited to 100 Sketchbook Signed and sketched in by me (8.25″ × 10.75″, 40 pages, full color, perfect bound)

1. Must be following me via Twitter AND/OR  like my Facebook page
3. Must comment in this entry using the following entry form:

Twitter name?:
Liked on Facebook?:
Follow me on Tumblr? (username):

Extra entries?
1. Post a link to this on your own blog, facebook, twitter or tumblr
2. Follow me on Tumblr
3. Follow me via Twitter AND/OR  like my Facebook page. (ie you must be doing ONE of those to get entered at all, but if you do both, you’ll get an extra entry)

All entries will need to be completed and submitted by 12/23/11 FRIDAY at 7PM PST (a few days!)
This giveaway is open internationally. I’ll be determining the winner via a randomizer.


  • Tatiana

    19.12.2011 at 11:02 Reply
  • Kristen Allen

    19.12.2011 at 11:08 Reply

    Name:Kristen Allen
    Twitter name?: @Crystinchan
    Liked on Facebook?:yes
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): Sorry no I don’t have Tumblr yet. Please pick me! I have been following you for almost ten years <3 You have inspired me since I was a kid. xoxo

  • Anna

    19.12.2011 at 11:18 Reply

    Name: Anna
    Twitter name?: persoconchii
    don’t have Facebook or Tumblr, but totally stalk yous on LJ too (persoconchii)

  • Michelle

    19.12.2011 at 11:29 Reply

    Name: Michelle
    Email: naiadkitty at gmail
    Twitter name?: naiadkitty
    Liked on Facebook?: yes
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): I don’t have a tumblr, but I will follow you in my feedreader (this is, I’m told, terribly old fashioned :)

  • Martha

    19.12.2011 at 12:18 Reply

    Name: Martha Boulianne
    Twitter name?: don’t have one
    Liked on Facebook?: Yes :)
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): don’t have one

  • Emily

    19.12.2011 at 12:37 Reply

    Name: Emily C
    Email: shi.neko (Gmail)
    Twitter name?: shi1neko
    Liked on Facebook?: Yup :)
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): no Tumblr, but I do have you followed on RSS.

  • Michael PZ

    19.12.2011 at 13:06 Reply

    Name: Michael PZ
    Email: dutchpants{at}
    Twitter name?: dutchpants
    Liked on Facebook?: yes
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): dutchpants (via reader)

  • Colleen

    19.12.2011 at 13:15 Reply

    Name: Colleen B.
    Email: diosa699 AT yahoo DOT com
    Twitter name?: xedri – I’m following you
    Liked on Facebook?: yeppers!
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): no, I don’t have a Tumblr.

  • Emily

    19.12.2011 at 13:52 Reply

    Name:Emily H.
    Twitter name?:NinjaEmi
    Liked on Facebook?: Yes
    Tumblr?: Don’t have one

  • Dacey

    19.12.2011 at 14:19 Reply

    Name:Dacey Harvey
    Twitter name?: Don’t have one.
    Liked on Facebook?: YES!
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): Sorry, I would but I don’t really need Tumbler.

  • Patrick

    19.12.2011 at 14:31 Reply

    Name: Patrick Toman
    Twitter name?: PatrickAT
    Liked on Facebook?: Yes. :)
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): Don’t have a Tumblr (unless the cycle on my dryer counts).

  • wandering-dreamer

    19.12.2011 at 14:39 Reply

    Name: Helen
    Email: dreamer_reader_writer @yahoo. com (take out the spaces)
    Twitter name?: wanderindreamr
    Liked on Facebook?: yes
    Follow me on Tumblr?: Tried but it wouldn’t let me for some reason, trying to email support about it.

  • Hannah

    19.12.2011 at 14:52 Reply

    Name: Hannah Wiseman
    Twitter name?: doghcat
    Liked on Facebook?: Yep
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): Doctahr

  • Marisa Reina

    19.12.2011 at 15:44 Reply

    Name: Marisa
    Twitter name?: escher28
    Liked on Facebook?: yes
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): yes (pifflepixel)

  • Melissa

    19.12.2011 at 16:54 Reply

    Liked on Facebook- Yes, (as “Melissa Wong”)
    Follow me on Tumblr: as “melmee
    Don’t have twitter :\

  • Nuria

    19.12.2011 at 17:14 Reply

    Name: Nuria Pratginestós
    Twitter name?: nuriamaury
    Liked on Facebook?: Yep
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): Yep. ultranol is my username.

  • Amanda Jonson

    19.12.2011 at 17:35 Reply

    Name: Amanda Jonson
    Twitter name?: A_M_designs
    Liked on Facebook?: yes (Amanda Musarra)
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): yes (LunaShadow)

  • Mary Jo Chrabasz

    19.12.2011 at 18:04 Reply

    Name: Mary Jo Chrabasz
    Email: knitchick AT knitchick DOT info
    Twitter name?: @KnitChick1979
    Liked on Facebook?: YEP!

    Oh and I posted the link on Twitter & FB too :)

    SKETCHYBOOK!!!!!!!! (and OMG Futurama calendar? I was just thinking I need a 2012 calendar, that would be PERFECT!)

  • Anna

    19.12.2011 at 19:32 Reply

    Name: Anna Goldberg
    Email: blondiescakes at gmail
    Twitter name?: none as of yet
    Liked on Facebook?: For sure!
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): I don’t tumble :(

  • Jillian Beach

    19.12.2011 at 19:42 Reply

    Name: Jillian
    Twitter name?: JillyKaren
    Liked on Facebook?: Yes –
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): not at this time. Maybe soon, when I have enough time to maintain, FB, Twitter, DA, and Tumblr 😀

  • Shannon

    19.12.2011 at 20:56 Reply

    Name: Shannon Barwell
    Twitter name?: carma_bee
    Liked on Facebook?: yes (same name)
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): carma_bee

  • Emilie

    20.12.2011 at 07:11 Reply

    Name: Emilie S.
    Twitter name?:
    Liked on Facebook?: yes <3
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username):

    On FB, DA, DOA, LJ : animefigurekit
    My website :

  • Silvia

    20.12.2011 at 07:26 Reply

    Name: Silvia
    Email: whisperedtohru at gmail dot com
    Twitter name?: mizunotohru
    Liked on Facebook?: yes
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): sorry do not have a Tumblr :(

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for you! Fun fact: I am a huge Futurama fan and was delighted when I learned trough your blog that is was getting a new season.

  • Angelina S.

    20.12.2011 at 09:19 Reply

    Name: Angelina S.
    Email: SciFiFangirl at hotmail dot com
    Twitter name?: @IDoTheeWed
    Liked on Facebook?: Yep, I was already a fan :)
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): Don’t have Tumblr :/

  • Mary "Zorilita" Bellamy

    20.12.2011 at 11:47 Reply

    Name: Mary “Zorilita” Bellamy
    Email: zorilita at gmail dot com
    Twitter name?: Zorilita
    Liked on Facebook?: Yes
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): Zorilita

  • Tisha

    20.12.2011 at 12:19 Reply

    Name: Tisha M
    Twitter Name: tishamaemae
    Liked on Facebook: yup :)
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): I tried but it wouldn’t let me D; will try again later though…

  • kim

    22.12.2011 at 16:05 Reply

    Name: Kimmers Hickey
    Liked on Facebook?: yup!
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): octopusowl

  • Aja

    23.12.2011 at 15:37 Reply

    Name: Aja
    Twitter name?: yawmin
    Liked on Facebook?: Don’t use FB
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): YEP. samuraihoney

  • hehalana

    23.12.2011 at 18:13 Reply

    Name: hehalana
    Twitter name?: hehalana, followed, i don’t use it much i tend to look at your livejournal more.
    Liked on Facebook?: yup
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): yup followed,

  • Shereen Deemer

    23.12.2011 at 18:32 Reply

    Email: Shereen Deemer
    Twitter name?: Lilirin
    Liked on Facebook?: Yes (Trust me I’m the only Shereen Deemer on the net)
    Follow me on Tumblr? (username): I’ve never used Tumblr >_>

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